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The cover for Hal-Life 2.

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Half-Life 2Edit

Half-Life 2 (also called HL2) is the sequel to the bestselling game Half-Life. Once again you take the role as the theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman in the world that has been taken over by the combine. When you first start the game the first cutscene featuring G-man appears. "The right man in the wrong place, can make all the difference in the world" The game was produced by Valve in 2005 and is a first-person shooter using the "Source" engine for the first time. The game also comes with "The Orange Box" along with Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. It also has the highest rating by


When you first start the game a cutscene starts with Gman. After he is done you are free to walk around and look at the environment and listen to the citizens in the eyes of Gordon Freeman.. You begin in a train and when you get out you find yourself in "City 17" controlled by the combine and Dr. Breen. You are about to continue somewhere else (To Nova Prospekt as Barney explains to Dr. Kleiner) but a co-worker from Black Mesa, Barney, stops you. You begin to talk and he informs Dr. Kleiner that you are heading for his lab. Long story short, combine are trying to get in so you have to stack boxes to get out from there. When you do you meet a combine who throws down a can and tells you to put it in the trashcan.

This was made to show the "Source" engines physics engine. You proceed and eventually go in to a apartment block. The combine breaks in and you are forced to "run for your lifes". You run up and find yourself surrounded by combine who knocks you out. A woman called Alyx Vance kills them (?) and introduces herself. Her father, Eli Vance, apparently worked with Gordon in the Black Mesa research facility. Alyx and Gordon proceed to Dr. Kleiners lab, where he is looking for his pet headcrab, Lamarr. Alyx explains that they are in charge for some kind of movement that helps citizens escape the city by foot too a base that they call Black Mesa East. She also says that they have been working on a teleporter that can transfer them to Black Mesa East.

Alyx goes first and the teleportation is successful. However, when it's Gordon's turn to teleport, Lamarr comes in and brake the connection with the teleporter. After being transfered to many places, including Dr. Breens office, Gordon lands outside. Barney comes out and tells him he has to go via the canals and gives him a crowbar, saying Oh, and before i forget! You left this at Black Mesa!. After driving through the canals in a airboat and with some help from the movement members he reaches Black Mesa East.

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